Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stories about Our Motat Trip

Our Trip to Motat
On Monday morning I went to Motat and it was cool. We went on the tram and we went to the Challenge Zone. We went on a bus and it was noisy. We saw a tow truck and some cars were on top of the tow truck. We went under ground and we learnt that trains had coal and coal is black. Then we had lunch and morning tea. We went to a mirror maze and we saw old bikes. I think most people liked it. The teachers told us what to do. We saw some cars and sorted old and new transport. My group was Kendyl’s. We saw a car with a horn. On the way in nearly everyone was excited. We saw a lot of cars and buses. It was really fun. I loved the trip. We were hungry and thirsty. I had my lunch box. I think it was the best trip I have ever been on. I had yummy food and I loved it. My favourite part of Motat was the tram because we could see the driver. On the way back there was a train called K900.

Our Trip to Motat
On Monday morning our class went to Motat. I was in Mrs Kean’s group. First we got a welcome and then we had morning tea. Then we went to sort old and new stuff, like buses, trains, cars and milk trucks. Then we went to the Challenge Zone and we went to the underground train. It was awesome. We saw a lot of bikes and some were big and small and medium. There was a penny-farthing. It was fantastic. Then we saw some cars. Some had roofs and some didn’t. Then we had lunch. I had some yummy food. Then we went to the playground. It was shaped like a train. Then we saw K900. It was very old. After that we went on the tram. Then we went back to school. We went on the bus back. It was excellent and exciting. I loved the Challenge room because you could touch stuff.


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Great story Emma it looks like you had a great day at MOtat. ES

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