Saturday, September 8, 2012

Motat story by CM

Our trip to Motat
On Monday morning I went to school and then we went on the bus. It was noisy. Everyone was excited. I was excited too. Then we were at Motat. We went into our room where we had morning tea and lunch. We told the teachers the rules around Motat. Then we had morning tea. After that we went in a room and we looked at old transport and new transport. Then we went to see some of the same things as were in the pictures. Then we went back to the room to have lunch. After that we went to the mirror maze. We went in the steam train and then we went on the tram. After that we got on the bus. It got us back to school. My favourite part of Motat was the mirror maze because it was very hard to get out.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic story by CM, great to see more detail making the story interesting. Looking forward to reading more like this one.

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