Sunday, February 12, 2012


Welcome to our blog page for 2012.
We are a class of Year 2 children living in Botany Downs in Auckland, New Zealand. This year we have 14 girls and 11 boys in the class. Most of us are 6 years old.
We have been getting to know each other over the last two weeks. We have also begun to have swimming lessons at school which we all think is fun. Sometimes the water is a bit cold though.
We have made paper people using a paper plate for a head. Here are some of us holding our people.


Anonymous said...

Think you creations are great - maybe you should all make one of your teacher!

Anonymous said...

What cool people art you have made! We are going to have fun looking at your blog this year - From: Ryan's Mum & Dad

S Jonson said...

Room 2 is terrific, I like the work we have done. From Jack

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