Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today I went swimming. It was freezing and cold. I went under the water. We had Ant and Stacey. We did kicking. We did washing machines. I did a starfish on my tummy. I even did a starfish on my back too. I splashed in the water. It was cool and I had fun. We even did my swimming arms. We had fun. By R.K.

Today I went to the swimming pool. That pool was freezing and I went after morning tea. I had to take my shoes off and that was how we walked over to swimming. I had fun in the swimming pool. It was awesome.
By T.T.

I liked the swimming pool because it was warm and it was fun and we did lessons. I did some splashes and we all put our faces in the water. It was the school's pool.
By L.F.

Last Tuesday I went swimming at school. The swimming pool is cold. I like swimming. I can swim and I can put my head under the water.

Today we went swimming. It was warm and cold. We went in the school pool. We went under the water. We went on our tummy. We did a big splash and I got house points for Sheppard.
By S-A. A

In the weekend I want to go to the swimming pool to do cannon balls. Its awesome to do cannon balls. The pool was warm and I splashed in the water. My sister came with me. My Mum and Dad came to keep us safe. I found out that I was a mermaid.


Anonymous said...

I think it is fantastic that you are all learning to be good swimmers and water wise!

DH said...

Great to hear about the swimming you love doing Rm 2. AH - how wonderful and exciting that you found ou you were a mermaid. :)

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