Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers' Day Breakfast at school

This morning the mothers came and had breakfast at school.  NS
There were lots of Mums and Grandmas who came for their breakfast. JJ
This morning I helped my Mum and Dad set up all the food for the Mothers' Day Breakfast. TT
I hope the mothers had a lovely time. ES
I hope the mothers had a yummy morning tea. RK
I hope the mothers liked the concert (assembly) and songs. ML
I loved my mummy coming today. KK

It was lovely seeing so many lovely mums and Grandmas coming into the classroom this morning. Remember you are always welcome to pop in whenever you can.  Mrs H


Anonymous said...

Hi mrs Highley

thankyou for putting my butterfly on the blog
you are the best teacher

from richa

Anonymous said...

I loved coming to School for morning tea, it was lovely seeing all the children so excited that their Mums & Nana's were there. AC (EC's mum)

Diana @ Serendipity Beads said...

Mrs Highly I like the things you put on the blog. I think we did a great job. from AH Rm2

Anonymous said...

we did a great job. A.H rm2

Anonymous said...

I am really amazed with the symetrical butterflys. ES

Anonymous said...

Wow! The school put on a fantastic Mother's Day breakfast! Such hard work with such rewards. Cheers. Love Ryan's family

Anonymous said...

Nice to see JJ happy with Mum and Nana at Mothers Day

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for a wonderful Mothers Day Breakfast, what a fantastic idea, from NS's Mum.

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