Thursday, April 26, 2012


A long time ago some people died in the war. On Anzac Day we remember them. By B.T

On Tuesday we went to the hall. We went to the hall because we needed to have a minute of silence. When we had a minute of silence it was very quiet. Some children said a prayer. By R.K 

A long time ago there were some people and soldiers that fought in the war. They were brave. Some of the soldiers were big and some were small and some were tall and some were short. Some people died and they put them in the ground. By N.S

0n Tuesday I went to the hall. We needed to be quiet for one minute because we need to remember the people who died in the war. I was sad when they died. I like Anzac Day.  By K.M

Yesterday I went to the Anzac Day parade. I saw my friends. It was loud because in the first parade I was at the edge where the parade started.  
By A.H

Yesterday I saw Anzac Day on T.V and lots of people died. It was sad. Then they all sang the National Anthem. Then they stayed for one hour. Then they marched. By C.W

At the war there were lots of people who died in the war. We remember them on Anzac Day.  By R.T

My great-grandad  fought in the war. I think he was so brave and he died before I saw him. I am going to march next year because my Nana was in the Air Force and I'm going to march with her.  By E.S

A long time ago people were fighting bad people and good people wear poppies on Anzac Day.  
By C.M

Yesterday I went to the parade and my brothers were in it.  By K.K

On Wednesday I went to the parade with my brother and Dad. By E.C

A long time ago my Great Grandad was in the war.  By J.J

A long time ago a person went to war because he was strong. He did not want to die. There were bombs that almost killed thirty soldiers. The soldiers who did not die came back and got medals and certificates.  By E.M

A long time ago lots of people went to war to fight. A few of them lived and a few of them died. I know one of the people.  By R.C

You remember the people who died and you wear poppies.  By B.T

A long time ago the soldiers died and lots of soldiers died in a war.  By A.L

A long time ago there was a war and some New Zealand people got killed. By J.C

On Tuesday all the classes went to the hall. All the people at school had to be quiet for a minute. The people on stage had poppies on their shirts. Some people didn't have poppies.  BY S.J

Yesterday it was Anzac Day. I went to see the parade. I saw some of my friends. I went with my mum and dad. We have Anzac Day because we remember all the soldiers who went to war and died.  By T.T

A long time ago they had war. Heaps of people died. The men got medals. We remember those who died on Anzac Day. By C.W-R 


Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you all for learning about Anzac Day. It is good to remember that the people who died were making our world a better place for us to live in now. Mrs T

Anonymous said...

i love it


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