Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Music Lessons

I like playing the instruments. The triangle was my best thing. By CM
I liked listening to the music. The swing music and the wiggle music was cool. Mrs Jo plays the xylophone and it sounds pretty. By CW
I like music lessons because I like playing the instruments. My best instrument is the xylophone. By RK
I like it when Mrs Jo plays the ulelele because it makes me feel happy. By KM
Music lessons are cool because there is lots of music stuff to play and some of them sound pretty. By NS
I like it when the people play the instruments because it sounds really pretty and it makes me feel happy. My favourite is the drums. They sound loud. By ES
I like playing the drum because it is loud. By TT
I like playing the triangles because I like the sound. By JJ
When Mrs Jo plays the ukelele it makes me happy. I want to play the ukelele. By CW
I like to dance to the music. Its fun to wiggle and jiggle. By LF


Anonymous said...

What terrific music sounds you all made - well done. Liked your dancing too! Mrs Thompson

Anonymous said...

I like your music lessons .BY. TT

Anonymous said...

Great music loved seeing everyone enjoying
From the Singer Family

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